These sites are good for all levels:

Quizlet--Study vocabulary, play review games, print up terms:

(If you go directly to the Quizlet site, look for username "tspampinato")
Click: Quizlet

Deutsch 1 & 2--This site has online practices and reviews for a variety of basic topics:
German 1 and 2 Online Review Practices

Professor Paul Joyce's Website

Dartmouth University's German Grammar Review

Tom's Deutschseite

Deutsch Lingolia Website

German Grammar

German Grammar from Tulane University

German Grammar from Univ of Colorado-Denver

Mr. L Antrim's German Videos

AATG--American Association of Teachers of German

Deutsche Welle--Deutsch Lernen

Goethe Institute

Leicht Deutsch Lernen


The German Professor

Gut! Interactive German Site


Austrian School Portal & Resources

Aufsatz Schreibtipps


Quia-->Use Quia to study various topics, play review games, etc! Just scan down to see what topic you want to study, or do a search:


Click here to check out Herr Maseman's site--he teaches German at Apex High School!

My favorite online dictionary--there's an APP for that! Do a search for LEO or LEO German dictionary--it has an icon of a lion.


Songs and activities for kids:

These sites are more appropriate for upper levels:

Click here for grammar reviews!
There are links to vocabulary practice, grammar practice, and all kinds of extension activities.