I am grateful to the many parents, students and families who would like to know how they can help our classroom.
These are a list of items which our class would greatly benefit from. Some items are consumables, like tissues and markers. Please understand that in these tight economic times, I try to place supply orders with the school for items which are very expensive and hard to afford, such as printer toner or LCD-projector light bulbs. I try not to order things like markers and staples through the school, because I will replace those if I have to.
Other items are materials which will be placed directly in your student's hands to use, and will be available for a long-time.
If you are able to contribute in any way, I will be very appreciative.
Thank you for your consideration!

Consumable Items:
  • glue or glue gel--the sticks have been running out way too fastexternal image 16205.jpg
  • construction paper
  • reams of colored printer paper
  • scotch tape refills
  • tissues
  • paper towels
  • white-out
Thank you to the parents who donated much-needed supplies to our classroom! =)

Non-Consumables--i.e. Readers, books, German materials for the classroom:

Die Freundin First-year German Reader, from Teacher's Discovery, $5.95

Die Herausforderung First-year German Reader, from Teacher's Discovery, $5.95