nnnnnnnGermany's Economy is the 3rd largest in the world, and it has the biggest GNP of all the nations in the EU... There are hundreds of companies (engineering firms, pharmaceutical companies, banks, etc.) which do business in Germany, even if they are not German themselves. There is a great demand for employees to not just be educated in their chosen field (be it accounting, finance, business, marketing or medicine), but to also be proficient in German language and culture... Add an additional language to your repertoire, and there's no limit to your career choices!!

We talk about a "global society", but what does that actually mean??

We should be teaching our students to speak more than just English, they should be learning more than just "food/flags/festivals" when it comes to other cultures and societies. We need to raise citizens who can think globally, act locally, and be aware of various cultural differences and similarities between the US and Europe, Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world.

How does learning a language help?
Languages are more than just words on a page...Languages are alive! You need to immerse yourself in the culture of the people who speak the language to fully understand what is happening "between the lines"...

Think about the subtleties between these American English phrases and/or words--Do you know where people use these words? And what they mean? Imagine trying to translate some of these...
beef on weck
bless her heart
sweet tea
tennis shoe

Why Study German?

There are dozens of reasons why you should take German, especially at Wakefield:

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How does German relate to your field of interest? Have a look...

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Posters for German teachers--> Guess who speaks German??

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